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Coffee Town was established in Malaysia on 2008, with original, healthy white coffee in mind. We pride ourselves in making high quality coffee, from using only the highest quality coffee beans, to using top-rich skimmed milk powder. Our coffee does not contain anti caking agents, artificial emulsifiers and other chemicals, combined with out secret coffee formula, plus our new and improved packaging design makes our product the epitome of perfection.

Coffee Town is Malaysia’s only store that specialises in selling coffee products, and has been the locals’ favourite coffee since inception. Our brand is also enjoyed overseas, receiving praises from countries such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, The Middle East and many more, and is a must-go to place for coffee-loving tourists visiting Malaysia. Today, our high-quality white coffee has been shipped to China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Our shop is also known as the coffee appreciation hall, as entering Coffee Town feels like you just entered a coffee house filled with an artistic atmosphere. The shop is also a coffee classroom; once you step in to Coffee Town, a specialist will first explain to guests the story behind our white coffee and some facts regarding coffee, and then only will the guests be allowed to try our different coffee flavours. After the customers try out each and every flavour and its subtleties, satisfied customers can now decide upon which coffee they want to buy.